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Best hockey gloves of 2020

Protecting the hands while playing hockey is imperative! Luckily, there is an impressive selection of the best hockey gloves to choose from. There are gloves for professional athletes and hockey enthusiasts at all levels of play: junior, youth, kids, and seniors.

Gloves are available at all price ranges for any level of play. Elite-level gloves are the most durable and offer the premium protection and performance you’d expect against pucks, slashes, and unforeseen impacts. But the more affordable junior gloves and youth hockey gloves also offer features designed to safeguard even the youngest player’s fingers, backhands, palms, and wrists, all game long.

The best hockey gloves come in a variety of fit profiles to suit a multitude of players. Check out the review for a fistful of information and practical advice. 

It is imperative that the best hockey gloves are both comfortable and protective. With unrivaled quality, affordability and variety look for gloves suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, including lightweight gloves, extra protective gloves, and fingerless gloves.

7 best hockey gloves reviews

Bauer NSX hockey gloves

NSX Bauer Senior Hockey Gloves - Navy 13"
  • Sold as a Pair -- EXTERIOR: Polyester Mesh. Screen Printed Bauer Logo on Cuff
  • PROTECTION: Medium-Density Foams with Plastic Inserts found on the side of the backhand and fingers for solid protection. Molded Medium-Density Cuff Croll. Ergo Flex Thumb - One piece design reinforced by firm plastic; Protects against hyper-extension
  • PALM: Ivory Nash Palm with Extra Overlay (extra layer) in the high-wear area for enhanced durability
  • LINER: Hydrophobic Mesh - Comfortable moisture wicking fabric
  • FIT: Tapered - Snug fit in the fingers & backhand; relaxed fit in the cuff. Dynamic Flex Cuff - Segmented cuff design for a good range of motion, Poly-knit finger gussets, 2-piece fingers

The Bauer NSX Gloves are a great pick for the recreational player looking for quality protection, comfort, and durability. The Bauer NSX Gloves are made up of medium density foam with a poly insert in the backhand and fingers. The polyester mesh and nash palm with a nash overlay give the NSX gloves plenty of durabilities.

Unlike most gloves at this price, the NSX features upgraded protection through the fingers and backhand with plastic inserts on top of the medium-density foams. It also features an Ergo-flex thumb the Bauer NSX Gloves have a premium feel at an entry price point.

A molded cuff-roll with a raised embroidered Bauer logo give the NSX gloves a pro look. Bauer used their most popular cuff that provides an excellent range of motion for the wrist. 

The exterior consists of a durable yet breathable polyester mesh while the inside features a moisture-wicking nylon mesh. Lastly, the NSX boasts a comfortable Nash palm with an extra overlay in the high-wear area for better longevity. A great choice for the best hockey gloves.

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Mylec MK3 gloves

Mylec MK3 Player Glove - Large/Black (595)
  • Sport type: Field Hockey
  • Features a rugged nash palm performance for maximum wear
  • Our top of the line lightweight, streamlined design with adjustable wrist roll for a secure fit
  • Package Dimensions: 29.21 L x 5.08 H x 13.208 W (centimeters)

The Mylec MK3 Player Street Hockey Gloves feature a lightweight, streamlined design providing form-fitting protection around your hand and wrist for a secure fit and comfortable foam padding, and an adjustable wrist roll. 

These premium street hockey gloves offer a rugged nash palm for better stick control.

The gloves protect the hands and improve your grip. The senior gloves feature a durable lycra cloth construction with a hook-and-loop wrist roll for a secure, custom fit. The rugged leather palm provides a solid grip, giving you a more powerful and accurate shot making them one of the best hockey gloves.

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Franklin Sports NHL gloves

Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves
  • Comfort, function and design everything that embodies a glove made by Franklin Sports
  • Feature a full flex anatomical taper with high density SHOK-SHORB padding providing the ultimate protection
  • Designed with a short cuff allowing for optimal wrist movement
  • Breathable and lightweight ensuring the maximum playing ability
  • Size: Junior Small 10" ; Not for ice hockey play

Feature a full flex anatomical taper with high-density SHOK-SHORB padding providing the ultimate protection. They have an anatomical design for comfort and flexibility.

Designed with a short cuff to allow for optimal wrist movement. It has a full-coverage of high-density shock absorber padding.

Glove size, which is found by measuring the distance from your finger-tips to the end of your elbow pad, is available in multiple options with this glove to suit different hand sizes.

Soft synthetic leather on the palm and breathable knit finger gussets are present. It is made of breathable and lightweight material to maximize playing ability. A short cuff with a contoured cuff roll and durable lightweight knit outer ensures this.

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Mylec Elite street hockey gloves

Mylec MK3 Player Glove - Medium/White (MK3PGMW)
  • Our top of the line lightweight, streamlined design with adjustable wrist roll for secure fit
  • Features a rugged nash palm performance for maximum wear and feel
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable foam padding

The Mylec Elite Player Street Hockey Gloves elevate your game to the next level. It is made to be lightweight, and form-fitting while allowing you all the wrist and finger flexibility that you will need.

The palm in the Mylec Elite Street Hockey Glove is a rugged, nash palm for improved grip. These gloves give you the comfort and protection you need to be an elite player.

It has a streamlined design with an adjustable wrist roll for a secure fit. High-quality foam padding adds to comfort.

This type of glove is very common as it offers great finger and knuckle protection but more control and flexibility for the thumb, which is critical when holding a stick, if you are not too worried about having your fingernails squashed or thumb damaged this is a great choice for the best hockey gloves.

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Warrior senior alpha

Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves
  • Butter soft feel game ready feel right off the shelf
  • Phantom Foam extremely lightweight blend of first class foam protection combined with shield inserts, absorbs big impacts
  • Pro palm a simple Mix of feel and durability that enhances control

The glove comes with dual-density EVA foams throughout, with plastic inserts in the fingers, backhand, finger block, and thumb—a big upgrade in protection. Though the fingers still come in a traditional two-piece design for excellent mobility and a traditional look, the backhand has been redesigned for improved, contoured flex that keeps protection where it should be, with no exposure gaps.

Warrior has upgraded the Alpha QX3 glove exterior with its premier cable knit DynaMesh nylon on the cuffs and fingers, a more durable nylon than in the QX4, but still breathable and flexible.

The material in the glove’s backhand, and extending into the cuff and finger block, is Warrior’s breathable TuffTek 2.0. The QX3 includes CovertMesh for the backhand accents, as well—a breathable fabric that promotes airflow through the glove.

The palm includes a two-piece AxyFlex thumb design for much better dexterity without compromising hyperextension protection. It offers great mobility—the same as in the top-end QX glove. The palm comes in a two-toned Clarino base with Clarino overlay and printed grip pattern for excellent stick grip, even when the glove and stick are wet.

The feel is traditional and the overlay provides excellent durability. The cuff roll is segmented and open with thick, medium-density foams that provide complete coverage into the wrist. The liner is a moisture-wicking microfiber that’s soft to the touch. 

Overall, the glove has a traditional, if somewhat anatomical, fit. It’s a little more snug in the fingers, backhand, and cuff but boasts a great feel and plenty of the mobility you expect from a traditional glove.

The Warrior Alpha QX ice hockey glove likely offers the most value of all Warrior offerings because it includes elite-level features at a performance-level price. Intermediate, performance-level players will feel like it’s Christmas morning when they push their hands into these superior performing, affordable gloves.

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Harrow double down gloves

Harrow Double Down Gloves
  • High Density Foam
  • Flexible; High density
  • Superior Protection with a thick foam padding on the back of the hand

The Harrow Double Down Gloves deliver maximum protection in the fast-paced game of indoor field hockey. 

No longer do you need to worry about injuring your hand on the turf or from hard shot balls as you get low; this field hockey protective gear is built with high-density foam and a synthetic palm for maximum protection without sacrificing feel. 

The gloves’ flexible design allows mobility and agility so you maintain control indoors. A high density and flexible foam provide maximum protection for both hands. 

A ventilated palm is there for a true-to-feel grip. A great choice for those looking for the best hockey gloves.

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Acacia Titan Broomball Gloves

ACACIA Titan Broomball Gloves
  • Competition level match play broomball gloves
  • Ova sued leather palm for excellent grip
  • Neoprene Padded foam back and wrist for maximum protection

They have a padded back with primo leather for superior grip and control.  Velcro strap with bandage wrist to ensure proper fit.

This type of glove is very common as it offers great finger and knuckle protection but more control and flexibility for the thumb, which is critical when holding a stick, if you are not too worried about having your fingernails squashed or thumb damaged this is a great choice.

They are ideal for keeping your hands warm in cooler conditions while still allowing you to maintain control and the best grip possible on your hockey stick as you play. It is also effective at protecting your hands against scraping and other abrasions that may occur on the field.

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What to look for when choosing the best hockey gloves

When it is time to choose the best hockey gloves, there are several things you should factor in when deciding what is best. These factors include the fit, the size, the amount of protection they offer, mobility, and also quality.


When looking at the quality of the best hockey gloves, you are looking for an articulated thumb, extra padding on the side of the hand, a wrist cuff for more flexibility and more protection, thicker leather on the palm that is also more durable, and stronger back padding.

Cheaper gloves will only have a single density foam padding and will not offer you as much protection as those with the foam padding as well as plastic inserts on top of the high-density foam. You will also be able to feel the many layers of the gloves when they are of a higher quality.

The palms will also be reinforced in the higher wear areas, and this kind of reinforcement is ideal for those who play field hockey regularly. The thumb should also not be able to bend backward when wearing the gloves. This offers much more in the way of protection during gameplay. However, the best hockey gloves offer the mobility and flexibility you need in the thumb and wrist.

The Fit

You will find that most hockey gloves will be measured in whole inches and will vary between 13 and 15 inches for adults. Anything smaller than 13 inches is considered junior or youth sizing. The length in inches is representative of the distance there is between the bend in your inner elbow down to the base of your fingers.

When trying on the best hockey gloves, you will want to have at least a quarter-inch of space in your fingertips, and the material shouldn’t stretch too much when you make a fist. The finger breaks should also be comfortable, and everything should line up with your knuckles.

Also note

Remember with field hockey gloves; they are usually only sold as one glove. Make sure you know what hand you want – left or right (most are just left-handed) – and whether you want a glove for both hands or just one. It is really important that you check this so you don’t end up with one when you wanted two, or a right-hand glove when you needed a left.

If you’ve got this far, then you’re probably looking for something else. You might want to check out our review on the best goalkeeper gloves.

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