drying steel toe boots

Can you put steel toe boots in the dryer?

Not all types of shoes are meant to be put in the dryer. You can place sneakers or tennis shoes in a dryer. However, when it comes to drying steel toe shoes, look for alternative ways to dry them. In this feature, we will show you some of the best alternatives to dry your steel toe boots.

The question is however still there: can you put steel toe boots in the dryer? The answer is a definite No. You will have a number of problems to deal with. Shoes made of leather will not last long in good condition in a low-heat dryer. If you need to dry steel toe shoes, try the following way instead.

Ways to dry steel toe boots

Use a shoe dryer

Using a designated boot dryer is one of the best ways to dry your steel toe boots. If you have more than a single pair of shoes, you will want to invest in this machine so that you can use it when the sun takes a hiatus. You can use it to dry shoes, garments and gloves simultaneously. 

It will make your shoes completely moisture-free within a short time. Then again, you need to be careful because a shoe dryer may not be appropriate for drying all kinds of shoes. So, can you put steel toe boots in the dryer? Maybe you can, but using a boot dryer is a way safer option.

Additional tips

Once your boots become wet, they will need some time to dry. These tips will help you take proper care of your boots and prevent getting them wet and dirty in the first place.

When there are solid particles or even mud all over your shoes, do not try to dry them. If you do this, In the long run you will most likely notice some permanent spots and bizarre color spots.

can you put steel toe boots in the dryer?

Before drying your shoes, make sure they are clean. The question that just won’t go away: can you put steel toe boots in the dryer? Do not do it when there are a lot of mud or even solid particles on your shoes.

Some steel toe boots come with detachable soles. Dry these soles separately if possible. They will dry faster if they are exposed to adequate warm air. An alternative great idea is to remove or simply loosen the laces before drying the shoes.

There will be far less moisture in your shoes if you keep them in a dry room.  Find the warmest room in your house and keep your shoes in that room.

Remember, these solutions suggested in this post are not permanent. They will aid you to dry your shoes when they are wet, but they will not keep your boots dry. So you need to use and store your shoes correctly. And of course, try to keep them dry in the first place.

How to wash steel toe boots


  • Decent quality mild detergent
  • Mild shampoo
  • Baking soda
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Socks
  • A plastic bag of large size with a zip


  1. First of all, take out the insoles from the boots since they need to be washed separately and very gently.
  2. Clean the insoles with mild detergent, this kills the germs and gets rid of the odour because the odour-causing bacteria will mostly remain in the insoles.
  3. Then make a soap-water solution with a mild shampoo and warm water.
  4. Take the soft lint-free cloth and using the soap-water solution clean the inside of the boots thoroughly.
  5. Fill the inside of the boots with water to wash away the soap-water solution.
  6. Using the cloth and soap-water solution, clean the outside of the boots. Move your fingers in gentle circular motions while washing the leather fibres.
  7. Using a blow dryer, dry the inside and outside of the boots comprehensively. When the boots are dry, put them outside to soak in the rays of the sun.
  8. To kill the smell, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda in each sock and put them in each boot separately and keep them overnight.
  9. The baking soda will take away all the smell from the boots and freshen them up completely.

Can you put steel toes in the dryer – conclusion

When well taken care of, steel toe boots will last years before needing to be replaced. However, the keyword is- well taken care of. Follow the tips given in this feature and those boots will serve you for a very long time and keep your feet comfortable. Saving both your pocket- the good ones don’t come cheap- and the time that will be wasted shopping for replacements.

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