do heated gloves really work

Do heated gloves really work?

Do heated gloves really work is a question most buyers ask before they purchase them. We’ll go into detail in this post to explain why they work. Heated gloves are designed for cold-weather sports and activities, these may include diving, motorcycle riding, downhill skiing, winter biking, or snowmobiling, hiking and for outdoor workers like carpenters or construction workers.

Ever since the London Olympics, heated clothing, in general, has also been used by athletes to keep their muscles warm in between the warm-ups and all through to the race. 

Regular insulation is achieved by trapping body heat, so if it gets wet from rain or even sweat, or at the end of a workout, the insulation may fail to keep them warm. With heated gloves, one can keep warm even when they are relaxing and not generating heat.

Why heated gloves? 

The moment temperatures drop, we all forget that it’s then and only then that our cherished snow activities can commence.  Some of these include sledging, skiing, ice fishing just to mention a few. 

heated gloves

Of course, in order to truly enjoy these outings, you need to be equipped with the best-heated gloves you can find. Before purchasing a pair, you will need to be clear on the varying types of heated gloves, material options, and other available features.

Types of Heated Gloves:

Chemically heated gloves

These gloves feature a pocket where you can place a disposable air-activated heating packet that will warm up once it is out of its packaging. The heat lasts up to eight hours before it has to be replaced. These gloves can also be worn without the heating packets.

Battery operated heated gloves

Instead of using heating packets that require replacement, you will need either recharge or replace the batteries. The battery compartment is linked to a series of heated wires that are infused throughout the gloves’ material.

Almost all electric heated gloves have a selection of heat settings that use different levels of battery power. This kinds of heated gloves are significantly pricier.

How do you decide which works best for you?


First and foremost you will want to ensure your heated gloves fit you properly. For maximum comfort, make sure you can bend your hand into a fist with minimal effort and your whole wrist is covered to keep warm.


To remain completely warm, you will need to make sure the gloves are both wind and weatherproof. Go for outer shells made using nylon or polyester blend with a soft wool inner liner.

Heated gloves will differ in how thick they are. Thinner styles are better suited to working outside or even skiing. 

Battery Life

Most battery operated heated gloves accompany rechargeable lithium batteries and not those of single-use. Rechargeable batteries will give you 2- 10 hours of heat. For extended heating times, you will need to get an extra set to have some sort of plan B.

Benefits of Heated Gloves

Protection from the elements

Frostbite is a regular concern that is a result of extended exposure to extremely cold weather. It may cause permanent damage. Heated gloves insulate you against the icy weather so you do not have to worry about the serious health risk.

Waterproof abilities

Most heated gloves will keep out water so you do not have to worry about wetness on your skin. This helps to retain heat and make sure that you can fully interact with your surroundings when outside.

Comfort for your hands

Extreme cold conditions can cause pain in the hands, and even more when you are working. By going for heated gloves, you can keep your joints comfy despite the icy weather.

Prevents dry skin

Cold weather dries out your epidermis significantly. Continual exposure makes it harder to recover. Heated gloves protect your skin from both wind and cold. This retains moisture in your skin without needing lotion. 

Equip yourself to spend longer outside

Since gloves keep the cold away, you will lose overall body heat a lot slower. This lets you enjoy the time you spend outdoors in cold weather.

Key Features to look out for when choosing heated gloves

Quality material

Ideally, gloves are a piece of attire. They may overlap with accessories but this piece is necessary to deal with the cold. This translates to you needing quality textile that will balance insulating features with waterproof capabilities.

If you have sensitive skin, finding gloves with an amenable fabric both inside and outside is very important. It also helps to choose a glove with quality stitching and a separate lining. 

Heating mechanism

Whether it is a matter of insulation or even an electrical heating device, your gloves need to provide warmth. If your gloves have a pocket for a separate heater, ensure you get one that is both sturdy and durable. 

At the end of the day, you will want gloves that will last. Top-quality gloves are made with durable materials that will not break down in cold or wet conditions.

So, do heated gloves really work?

The answer is a resounding yes! You just need to find the right one.