Do professional goalkeepers wear fingersave?

A good pair of goalkeeper gloves facilitates a better grip, and because of this, more balls will stay out of the net. Averting injury is also a vital consideration when selecting gloves. Finger spines included in goalkeeping gloves can often be the difference between sustaining hyperextension and remaining injury-free.

What is finger save?

Finger save is another name for finger protection in goalkeeper gloves. This feature protects your fingers against finger injuries that may occur during the game or in training.

The finger protection will consist of an individual insert for each finger except the thumb. In the most top of the line goalkeeper gloves, they can be removed completely or in selective fingers which will provide the exact protection you require.

Do you need finger save?

Whether you need finger-save or not depends on a lot of varying factors. Perceptibly you should use finger protection if you like having it or have fragile fingers that are prone to injury.

However, most goalies find that the older they get, the less they require finger protection.

For this reason, finger save is great for younger goalkeepers who need the extra protection, but a lot of older goalkeepers prefer the flexibility and control you get from a glove without finger-save rather than the guard you get in a glove with said finger-save.

Now let’s have a look at what gloves some of the best goalies in world football wear;

Thaibut Courtouis- Real Madrid

The Belgian number one goalkeeper uses the Nike Vapor Grip 3 goalkeeper gloves, the franchise glove of the American brand, where on this his custom glove, it reinvents itself yet again this year, keeping its key aspects and taking on a much more aggressive aesthetic.

The goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the Belgian National Team is the flag-bearer for this particular line of gloves, and where he has found the perfect variation.

So much so that the Madrid goalkeeper hardly ever uses series modifications to his gloves, the only exception to this rule being that he requested a black palm for all models.

Andre Ter Stagen- Barcelona

One of the best goalkeepers of the moment, Ter Stagen relies on the German brand Adidas to guard his goal.

These match gloves have a pro-level grip and cushioning. Built for matches, these goalkeeper gloves put you firmly in charge.

do professional goalkeepers wear fingersave

The palm contains 4 mm of cushioning to take the steam out of even the fiercest of shots, add the grippy latex that clings to the soccer ball in all conditions and you have one hell of a glove.

The fingers are cut for a comfy, natural fit. Made out of flexible knit fabric, the backhand contains silicon reinforcements to help with punching. The wrist is extended and this, in turn, makes them easier to pull on.

Ederson moraes- machester city

In the season 2019/2020, Ederson was sponsored by Nike and used to rock the latest Nike goalkeeper gloves such as the Phantom goalkeeper gloves.

This however changed with the 2019-20 UEFA Champions League final competition and the 2020-2021 pre-season training in general.

In the 2020-2021 pre-season training, He has been spotted in the discontinued Nike Hyper-venom and the old white/black Promo colourway of the Nike Vapor Grip 3 from 2019. This was the first solid indicator that his deal with Nike had come to an end.

Bernd leno- Arsenal

Puma is the brand for the German international. The leading makes the PUMA Ultra collection sets the bar super high with its ultra-thin glove body crafted out of elastic neoprene material.”Airzon” on the thumb guarantees optimal air circulation in those hot game situations. Plus it also leads to an optimal fit and prevents slipping.

Thanks to the 4mm thick superior grip, you well-armed for all weather conditions. The durable adhesive foam, the negative Cut & Gunn hybrid – called the Semi Gunn cut – will give you an overall feel for the ball. The select PUMA cut is especially popular among many pro goalkeepers.

Wojciech Szczesny – Juventus

REUSCH ATTRAKT is the brand of choice for the Polish number one. The gloves have been comprehensively redesigned in close partnership with 2018 World Cup winner Hugo Lloris and Juventus Star Wojciech Szczesny. Their feedback has laid the foundation for arguably the most advanced goalkeeper glove collection in Reusch history.

There are a total of seven different goalkeeper glove models in the ATTRAKT collection. They have different cuts and they are different from each other in many details and technologies. Each ATTRAKT model is one of a kind and professional in order to make you a wall in goal.


No matter how durable, any glove demands a lot of care if you want them to last. Gloves need to be washed after use always, anything less and the sticky layer of the glove will decay rapidly. As for finger-save, you decide!