MMA gloves and Boxing gloves

MMA gloves vs Boxing gloves – what is the difference?

For those who want to get into fighting sports such as mixed martial arts or any other combat sports and who wish to buy the gear they need and are super looking forward to taking a swipe at some heavy bags to start training, the prospect of buying some training gloves is something that needs some thought. 

MMA gloves vs Boxing gloves

They are a must have in training for these types of sports and owning at least one or two dependable pairs is one of the initial steps. That being so, as you start to look into all of the various options that are available for MMA or boxing gloves, you will find that there are way more than you had thought initially.

With all of these choices, it could prove difficult to know which one to go for. This is very much the case if you were not aware that there are major differences between MMA gloves and boxing gloves.

For example, 10 oz. MMA gloves and 16 oz. boxing gloves are vastly different. They are designed for different sports totally.  In this feature, we will compare MMA gloves vs boxing gloves.

MMA gloves vs Boxing gloves – The differences


The most obvious difference is the padding. Boxing gloves have quite a bit more padding on them compared to MMA gloves. Some of them will weigh 16 oz. or more.

The reason behind this is that someone who is a boxer ends up throwing and receiving a lot more punches during competition than an MMA fighter. MMA gloves on the other hand do not have as much padding, and as a result, they are lighter.

Although punches will be thrown in these matches, so are kicks, plus grappling will also happen in just about every fight. The gloves for MMA fighters need to be able to put up with that as well.


Boxing gloves cover the whole hand, and unlike typical gloves, they are more like mittens. All the fingers are in the main padded region of the glove, while the thumb is given its own separate space.

MMA gloves are more like true gloves. They will keep the fingers separate, and they will leave part of the fingers exposed. The reason behind this is the differing ways that the matches proceed. 

In boxing, only punches are going to be thrown. In Mixed Martial Arts, you need to make sure that your hands are as flexible as is possible. They will be used for grabbing and grappling, so freedom of movement is a requirement.

Other differences to consider

There are plenty of other things that you need to consider whenever you are buying gloves or any type of fight gear and fight wear for that matter.

Make sure the size is right, make sure you are buying quality gear and ensure that you go for items that will be durable enough to accommodate to your training without ripping.

Once you know the kind of gloves that you need, look at the features of various gloves that fit your needs and then choose the one that seems like the best choice.

MMA gloves vs Boxing gloves – Which one should you choose

When you are shopping for your fighting gloves, the first thing you have to do is consider the type of training and competitions you will be engaging in.

If it is boxing exclusively, then boxing gloves are the way to go. Those who will be doing Mixed Martial Arts need MMA gloves, simple as that.

But, if you feel that you might end up training in both of these areas, you might want to consider getting a pair of each.

Where to buy MMA gloves and Boxing gloves

If your wish is to have a nice range of options for top-quality boxing gloves and MMA gloves, the most convenient option is shopping online.

The local stores may not have what you need, but you might still need to check them out to identify what brands and sizes are available. If they have quality brands, you may just find what you need. 

MMA gloves vs Boxing gloves – Which hit harder?

The big debate. Here’s your answer; people are citing the weight of boxing gloves as a reason they should hit harder. However, this is not quite right.

Why else do you think sports and gyms impose a MINIMUM weight on gloves for safety? More weight hits harder if you assume a similar speed of impact.

Still, it’s not the same speed of impact because lest you forget, the puncher has to work harder to move the weight. Just try knocking someone out with a giant boxing glove and see.

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