cleats to wear for lacrosse

What type of cleats do you wear for lacrosse?

What type of cleats do you wear for lacrosse is a common question among beginners and experienced players alike. Lacrosse is known to be one of the fastest games on two feet out there, and to give you the ability to be fleet-footed which you will definitely need to excel, you need to have on the best lacrosse cleats you can get your hands on.

They will give you the traction, support, stability, and comfort the sport of Lacrosse game requires. Lacrosse cleats grip the ground and allow you to manoeuvre quickly and you will be looking for.

Hence when you choose your Lacrosse cleats the first major factor is the fit of the shoe. Lacrosse comes in three designs, low cleats, mid cleats and high cleats, with each offering their own individual degrees of ankle support, flexibility, protection and weight. 

The outsole is the most important part of the shoe. The traction given by the cleats is what enables you to perform at your optimal best; it does not matter if you are playing on natural grass or an artificial turf.

The material of the shoe will tell you its durability and how heavy the shoe will be, together with the cut, or style of the shoe. 

Any athlete even remotely serious knows the importance of a good shoe. There are several excellent options for lacrosse footwear. Lacrosse cleats tend to be lighter compared to say softball cleats and they offer greater ankle support plus an added cleat at the middle of the toe. 

Lacrosse cleats are crafted to be light-weight, to give firm ankle support and to provide enough traction at the toe of the cleat.

Each brand encompasses top technology, an excellent fit and comfort, as well as a great look to their line of products. Here are some footwear basics to help select which type of shoe works best for you.

Choosing a Lacrosse Cleat

Knowing what kind of turf you will be playing on is vital when selecting lacrosse footwear. Turf cleats can be used on artificial surfaces as well as natural grass pitches. If you are playing on natural grass, multi-purpose cleats or moulded Cleats may be the best fit for you. 

Turf Shoes

These have small, round grips that are very good for surfaces where you don’t need to go all in. This type of lacrosse shoe would do well on artificial turfs and dry grass fields.

However, they are not recommended for muddy surfaces or wet grass. Turf Shoes are a good option for players with shin or ankle issues, as they offer excellent whole foot support. Turf Shoes are best for training when the team is engaging in a lot of running and agility work.

Multi-purpose Cleats 

These have long cleats around the edge and smaller cleats in the middle of the sole. These are great for natural grass fields (both dry and muddy) but are not suited to hard natural surfaces. Even though they can be worn on artificial surfaces, they are not the best choice.

Molded Cleats 

what type of cleats do you wear for lacrosse

These come with long hard plastic cleats that will dig into all-natural grass surfaces. They should never be worn on artificial turf or hard surface because will not offer enough traction and may result in unnecessary strain on the knees, feet and shins.

What type of cleats do you wear for lacrosse overview

As discussed earlier, being the fastest game on two feet, a lacrosse cleat is built for speed.  They will normally be very Light-weight and have foot plates made specifically for explosiveness. 

A difference between cleats for other sports and those for lacrosse is that the spikes are crafted to improve your crosswise movement and cuts. 

In lacrosse, you will need to change direction in a split second plus be able to make the next play. This feature helps out immensely in that regard.  

The latest fad that has appeared in the last few years is ladies going for mens cleats to benefit from the new technologies. Most manufacturers have taken notice and started making unisex cleats.


If your decision is based on the kind of pitch you will be playing on, your position as well as the support you will definitely need to have, you will be certain to choose the correct Lacrosse footwear for your specific needs.

Ensure they are made from aerated, lightweight material, and provide adequate traction to allow you to accelerate when need be, make those sharp cuts and still remain sturdy on your feet.

Lacrosse is an awesome game and possessing the right cleat will make it that much more enjoyable. These cleats are what make it possible to grip any surface you are playing on, making sure you perform at your optimum best. 

Lacrosse also happens to be a very demanding sport and you will require a shoe that can play the part with the ferocity and speed of the game. When buying the cleats have in mind the support offered for both foot and ankle.

Good luck and we hope we answered what type of cleats do you wear for lacrosse adequately.

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