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10 Best Heated Gloves

The one thing all of us can agree on is that no one likes cold hands. Regardless of varying tolerance levels, no one enjoys freezing hands. This is why the idea of gloves seems so genius in this age. They fight wind and cold while keeping their hands dry.

Best heated gloves are basically gloves on steroids. They come in a variety of sizes and makes/brands but they essentially work the same way. Tiny wires are woven into the inside of the glove and a battery is connected to those wires. They typically have a battery dedicated to each glove that connects directly to the glove and fits in a pocket on the outside of the glove.

This selection of special winter gloves takes hand comfort to the next level by sporting built-in personal hand heaters. Forget those one-time-use hand warmers and switch to something more comfortable, substantial, and reliable. These gloves give you a way to keep your hands warm and cozy, even in the coldest temperatures.

When the battery is turned on, an electrical current is passed through those wires and they heat up. The heat generated depends on the amount of current the battery passes to the wire, which depends on the battery setting. By adjusting the battery you can adjust the temperature inside your gloves.

Best Heated Gloves Review

VELAZZIO Thermo1 Battery Heated Gloves

Velazzio Thermo1 gloves feature a large capacity 7.4V rechargeable battery to offer warmth for an extended time in colder temperatures. These gloves are capable of providing immediate warmth even in extremely low temperatures. As low as-25 degrees.

The palm and fingers of the gloves include a built-in carbon fiber heating panel for supreme heat insulation. It ensures that the gloves retain maximum heat. Additionally, the 3M Thinsulate insulation further makes these gloves super warm as well as offers lighter weight and dexterity.

The outer material comes built with a water repellent shell, which is both highly durable and waterproof. On the inner side, it has a fleece lining and Fan-Tex membrane to keep the hand as warm as possible.

What stands out the most about Velazzio Thermo1 gloves are the intelligent controls, which come with 3-level heating. All regards to its intelligent features, the smart, innovative power-saving design first pre-heats the gloves at full heat for 5 minutes and automatically switches to medium heating level. However, if you do not find a medium heating level enough, you can switch back to high, by pressing a single button.

Another unique feature is the touchscreen compatibility featured in its fingertips that allow you to operate your touchscreen devices. Also, it comes with adjustable wrist straps to tighten the grip and extended cuffs to keep your wrists super warm too.

All of these features make Velazzio Thermo1 gloves great for athletes as well as for people who suffer from poor blood circulation in winters, arthritis, or stiff joints. A great choice for the best-heated gloves.

Wamthus Heated Gloves

They are designed with premium intelligence and 3 different heating mode settings: high, middle and low. Connect the batteries with the wires which are located in the gloves’ pocket and press the ON/OFF button. You can freely adjust the level temperature, 3 heated settings can provide the most appropriate warmth to suit individual needs. A great feature when it comes to the best-heated gloves.

Soft, Breathable, and Waterproof Material is incorporated. Extra-heavy cotton, an invisibility heat chip, reinforced PU leather, detailed stitching, and waterproof coated fabric guarantee this. The cuffs feature telescopic locks for good windproof ability. Your travel is not hindered, and they bring you a warm comfortable experience.

The battery-powered rechargeable gloves provide a wide heating area covering the whole back of the hand and all fingers in case of poor blood circulation, arthritis, or cold weather conditions. These battery gloves come equipped with touch sensors on the index finger and thumb and hence will work on any smart device.

A point to note is that this product is not a charging glove. There is a battery zipper on the back of the glove. It requires three AA batteries. Put the battery on, plug it into the line and use it normally. It is fast, convenient, safe, and reliable, and it is definitely a good quality product.

NewXLT Winter Heated Gloves

The NEWXLT Heated Winter Gloves are made of waterproof and windproof polyester, with a reinforced leather palm area for extra durability. The gloves also come with a breathable soft cotton liner for extra comfort. 

They are a unisex, one-size-fits-most make. This means that you will need to double-check the dimensions before ordering, to prevent them from being ill-fitting (the gloves measure 12.6 inches in total length, 5.5 inches in total width, with a middle finger length of 3.5 inches).

The NEWXLT Winter Heated Gloves are an affordable alternative to expensive, rechargeable battery-powered gloves. This budget-friendly style uses 3 AA batteries in each battery pack (one in each glove) to keep your hands warm and toasty hence making it on the list of the best-heated gloves in 2020.

If the price is your key priority, and you’re willing to deal with slightly bulkier battery packs and don’t mind replacing the batteries often, this could be your glove. Alternatively, you can also opt to use rechargeable AA batteries, which will be more cost-effective in the long term.

The NEWXLT Heated Winter Gloves have 3 heat settings: low (100℉-106℉), medium (113℉-122℉), and high (113℉-122℉). The run time for each setting is reported as 4-5 hours on low, 3-4 hours on medium, and roughly 2-2.5 hours on high. This means that compared to other electric gloves the battery life is a bit poor, but these gloves are affordable, and it could be worth the trade-off.

ZEROFIRE Heated Ski Gloves

It comes with a simple hook and loop closure system. It is both good-looking and functional. It has adjustable cuffs, heat control with 3 settings, and up to 7 hours of warmth on a single charge.

The closure design means these are easy to remove, and more importantly, put back on in a hurry. With 7 whole hours of comfort before needing to recharge, Touch Screen technology, and being made from lightweight but beautifully warm Active-Soft material, these heated gloves are one of the best on the market today.

The battery-powered rechargeable gloves provide a wide heating area covering the whole back of the hand and all fingers in case of poor blood circulation, arthritis or cold weather conditions. These battery gloves come equipped with touch sensors on the index finger and thumb and hence will work on any smart device.

An Onboard temperature control button allows easy access to the 3 heat settings (High, Middle, Low) providing adjustable warmth. Great for skiing (see also heated ski mittens), hiking, hunting, shoveling snow, and other work or play activities in a cold environment. This is one of the best-heated ski gloves.

If you’re looking for something that delivers on its promises and will keep your hands from freezing, even in the lowest temperatures, whilst still allowing activities, including cell phone use, these should be top of your list for the best-heated gloves.

SAVIOR HEAT Heated Gloves

Savior gloves are built with waterproof material, so your battery-heated gloves keep functioning even in moist or rainy weather during winters. The outer material is made of leather (See leather gloves) and polyester with velvet lining. This makes the gloves strong and resistant.

Savior gloves exclusively offer 3 heat settings. With a single touch of a button, you can change the heat level according to your environment. No matter the heat level, the battery is strongly capable of keeping your hands warm for up to 6 hours. This makes these gloves the ultimate solution for keeping hands warm outdoors in winters.

What makes these gloves stand out is that they include a heated element in highly sensitive areas to colds such as fingertips, joints, and wrists. This makes these gloves the best option for long commutes, skydiving, skiing, and other such athletic activities. A great choice for those looking for the best-heated ski gloves.

On the inside, it has moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your hands warm and dry. This outer and inner fabric protects your hands from extreme cold. Additionally, the palm of these gloves features anti-slip material to help you grab things easily. The fingers include microfibers to offer great comfort and a sense of touch.

Overall, Savior electric heated gloves are very suitable for both men and women. The unisex design allows anyone to use these gloves and keep hands warm making them one of the best-heated gloves around.

Autocastle Heated Gloves with Rechargeable Battery

The gloves are made from fabric cotton and palm leather. They are waterproof and have accurate stitching to keep your hands warm and toasty.

It has 3 Temperature Control levels. There is an On/OFF button on the back of gloves that can adjust the temperature. A red light is the highest temperature for 2-2.5 hours while green light is the medium temperature for 3-4 hours and Blue light is the lowest temperature for 4-5 hours.

The battery-powered rechargeable gloves provide a wide heating area covering the whole back of the hand and all fingers in case of poor blood circulation, arthritis, or cold weather conditions. These battery gloves come equipped with touch sensors on the index finger and thumb and hence will work on any smart device.

They are a unisex, one-size-fits-most make. This means that you will need to double-check the dimensions before ordering, to prevent them from being ill-fitting (the gloves measure 12.6 inches in total length, 5.5 inches in total width, with a middle finger length of 3.5 inches). Another great choice for the best-heated gloves.

Aroma Season Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

It provides a 3-level heat settings system with different lasting hours. This feature is easy to adjust by short pressing the button on gloves.

The Rechargeable Heated Gloves are powered by 7.4V Battery. The Batteries are placed in each glove’s pocket when using it.

The fabric on the thumb and forefinger is specially designed to help you conveniently touch phones or other touchscreen devices without taking off your gloves.

The gloves can heat not only your fingers but also your hand back and palm. Only the thumb is exempt.

The Special Hipora Insert makes them both breathable and waterproof.

Autocastle Electric Battery Heated Gloves

Autocastle’s best-heated gloves use two 3.7V rechargeable batteries to keep your hands warm. They have three heat levels adjustable with a small control in each glove’s pocket designed to hold the battery and control.

Heating levels are green where the battery lasts about 6 hours, orange with over 4 hours of battery life, and red providing over 3 hours of heat.

These gloves are great for outdoor activities in the cold where you want to use your phone. They are fully touchscreen-compatible and will allow the use of smartphones or tablets while wearing them.

These electric heated gloves have 70% fabric cotton lining. This thermal lining will keep your hands from exposure to cold. The heating area is on your fingers. Gloves are also wind and waterproof.

Warm fingers and special fabric on your index fingers will allow you to use touch screens on phones or tablets. The added ability to text, call, or tap is very beneficial to most consumers these days. You won’t have to expose your hands to the cold to simply answer a call.

Overall, Auto castle’s electric best-heated gloves won’t keep your hands overly toasty in below-freezing temperatures. However, they will provide enough heat to keep your fingers from freezing during sports, hiking, or just walking your dog. A great choice for anyone looking for the best-heated gloves.

GLOBAL VASION Electric Heated Gloves

The unisex electric winter gloves by GLOBAL VASION feature 3 temperature settings, easily adjusted by a temperature control button. The gloves can be used on low (100℉ – 113℉), medium (122℉ – 131℉), and high (140℉ – 150℉). The run time on a battery charge is 5-6 hours on the lowest setting, 3-4 hours on medium, and 2-2.5 hours on the highest temperature level.

The GLOBAL VASION Heated Gloves come with a 7.4V rechargeable batteriy which can be charged via a wall adapter. The design is made of premium materials, such as a breathable yet water-resistant TPU outer shell. This prevents your hands from getting sweaty, keeping them cozy and dry at all times.

The gloves also feature a touchscreen function on the thumb and index finger, allowing you to control your smartphone without removing them.

A minor con is that according to some reviews, the heating element does not stretch to the fingertips, which could lead to minor cold spots. With hundreds of positive reviews, we don’t predict this to be a big issue, but it is something to be aware of.

Rabbitroom Winter Electric Heated Gloves

These gloves feature cotton fabric to keep you warm and comfortable all through. The gloves can be worn by both men and women owing to the fact that they have a unisex design.

Their waterproof coating will ensure that your hands are free from water.

The gloves are operated by a 2400mAh battery which will retain charge for a long duration. Additionally, there are different heat settings that are very easy to adjust to meet your individual needs.

What’s more, the touchscreen technology will allow you to operate your touchscreen device with the gloves on, something important when it comes to the best-heated gloves.

Buyers Guide For the Best Heated Gloves

Each design in this review is a solid choice to keep your fingers warm and protected, no matter what weather conditions you face. The best depends on your preference, how much you’re willing to spend, and where and when you plan to wear the gloves.


Though you will need to make some compromises for low pricing – as these gloves do not come with rechargeable batteries, and instead require 6 x AA batteries to operate. This also means they have slightly bulkier battery packs and are less streamlined than high-end options.

But for the budget-friendly price listed, they’re quite the steal. That said, gloves with a rechargeable battery will be more cost-effective in the long term, so it may be worth upgrading to a mid-budget option.


If you want high-end performance and premium quality, you may be more interested in renowned options on the best-heated gloves. They are more expensive – but for their premium quality, they are also worth the investment if you are a winter activities enthusiast.

These higher-priced options offer great battery life, excellent heat distribution, and maximum comfort; though it doesn’t come cheap.
Fortunately, there are plenty of mid-budget options that combine the best of both worlds: not too expensive, and not too flimsy.


Then there are other best-heated gloves that stand out for their specific design. For example, the – Auto Castle heated gloves with carbon fiber protection built-in, are ideal for biking. And the SAVIOR Heated Winter Gloves are a pair of stylish faux-leather gloves with a much more sleek, classic appearance that is great for casual wear.

To discover which suits you best, you need to determine your preferences and match them to one of the great-value options in the review. Rest assured: you can’t make a bad choice, as all these products score top marks in Amazon reviews.

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