Hard Hats For Women

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10 Hard Hats For Women

Hard hats are helmets predominantly used in workplace environments such as industrial or construction sites to protect the head from injury due to falling objects, impact with other objects, debris, rain, and electric shock.

Suspension bands inside the helmet spread the helmet’s weight and the force of any impact over the top of the head. A suspension also provides space of approximately 30 mm between the helmet’s shell and the wearer’s head, so that if an object strikes the shell, the impact never gets to the head.

Many safety hats offer features such as replaceable sweatbands and side-impact protection for safety, comfort, and balance. Make sure you have the correct equipment to save you from any accidents on-site with the range of construction hard hats for women which also come in a selection of colors to suit your safety regulations needs.

That being said, women need hard hats too. Regardless of the norm, there are plenty of women who work such jobs in the modern world. In this review, we sample some of the best hard hats for women or unisex hard hats out there.

10 Of The Best Hard Hats for Women

LIFT Safety Carbon Fiber Full Brim Hardhat

The Lift Safety Hard Hat is a full brim, fiber-reinforced resin hard hat for women offering a 6-point suspension system for superior comfort and impact protection.

It features an innovative Clarino synthetic leather comfort dome and an oversized ratcheting fitment dial that makes adjustment easy even while wearing gloves.

The fiber-reinforced resin shell guarantees superior impact protection. A brim grip and exclusive design provide a secure feel.

It has a Perforated Clarino synthetic leather comfort dome with molded EVA foam insert for additional shock-absorbing protection to the top of the head.

Oversized ratcheting fitment dial to adjust the size, easy to grip, and use even with gloves on. An 8-point Suspension system gives it a secure and comfortable fit.

PYRAMEX Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

The Pyramex Ridgeline hard hat for women is the ultimate combination of high-performance impact protection and exceptional personalized comfort.

The low profile of the Ridgeline allows for a more natural, comfortable, and secure fit that sits lower on the crown of your head and provides more coverage than a higher-profile sitting hard hat.

The hard hats are made from ABS thermoplastic resin, which combines strength and rigidity. This material is ultra-lightweight, making Ridgeline hard hats some of the lightest on the market today-up to 10 percent lighter than traditional hard hats for women.

ABS material is considered superior for its hardness, gloss, toughness, and electrical insulation properties.

The 4-way adjustable harness points allow you to adjust the harness forward, backward, up, or down, giving you the perfect fit for customized comfort.

A vented pressure pad, a replaceable and washable sweatband, and the adjustable, padded swinging rear suspension provides ultimate comfort and a secure fit.

ERB Americana Vent Cap Style Hard

This hard hat for women features a moisture-wicking brow pad that is removable, washable, and replaceable. The accessory slots accommodate a wide variety of eye, face, and hearing products.

This hard hat is certified when the headband is installed in the reverse position. This hat features a functional rain trough and accommodated a chin strap.

The suspension also has retaining slots for your goggles. This hard hat is SEI Certified. The Slide-Lock suspension easily adjusts to over 40 different head sizes between 6-1/2 and 8.

The material of the suspension is specially formulated for pliable comfort and strength. It also provides a smooth friction-free sliding action.

ACERPAL Full Brim Hard Hat

Pyramex ABS material hard hat; Strong, yet ultra-light for seemingly weightless protection means that every hard hat leaves the shop with a superior-high-quality finish that you won’t find anywhere else.

Each hydro-dipped hard hat is uniquely dipped by professionals using an advanced water immersion printing process that applies the design to the entire outer shell.

This revolutionary method of printing means that no two hard hats for women are ever the same, making the one you receive truly unique to you. Custom graphic design large hard hat designed for an adult men and woman

Its low-profile design offers a low center of gravity for better balance with a rear padded suspension. It also provides an additional level of comfort on the wearers’ neck and you can add a replaceable sweatband. The Padded fabric and polyurethane foam are well suited for all-day wear

6-position harness points allow you to move the harness forward, backward, up, or down allowing for the most optimal position for ultimate comfort with a vented pressure pad that keeps the straps in place providing an additional level of comfort.

MSA Slotted Hard Hat

This hard hat for women is customizable in terms of the outer look. It offers a wide variety of colors, sizes, and logo options to meet your style needs. Three levels of nape strap adjustment for a customized fit.

The Slotted V-Gard accessory system allows for the integration of hundreds of MSA hard hat accessories with one quick click. This includes hearing protection, visors, face-shield, welding shields, chin straps, and lighting.

MSA slotted hard hat, with its distinctive trademarked ‘V’ design is known for comfort, quality, and durability. The sweatband fully covers the headband and worker’s forehead.

Put to the test in some of the most extreme environments, the V-Gard has become a mainstay on even the toughest worksites, helping protect workers around the world – day in and day out.

OccuNomix Cowboy Style Hard Hat

The ABS plastic that makes up the shell of this cap is durable enough for rugged jobs and comes in a variety of colors.

In addition, the cowboy hard hat shape provides sun and weather protection for your face, neck, and ears. This western hard hat is a unique design and works great for most standard applications; however, it is not recommended for horseback riding.

Occunomix Cowboy Style Hard Hat (Ratchet Suspension) is a uniquely designed hard hat for women that have all the necessary safety standards to be used on a construction site.

They meet Meets ANSI Z89.1 as a Type 1, Class E & G. These hats are more than just the hard shells. They have a 6-point deluxe nylon ratchet suspension rigging so that they sit securely on the head, even though long hours of constant working, bending, and moving.

The front of the rigging is covered with terry cloth cotton for the absorption of sweat, preventing any annoying dripping and stinging in the eyes.

Portwest Work Hard Hat in Translucent

The Portwest Translucent Hard Hat is an exclusive, durable design that ensures both safety and visibility.

Made from 100% translucent polycarbonate, this construction hat is extra strong, yet ultra-lightweight, protecting wearers in dangerous work environments and ensuring ultimate productivity.

The translucent material ensures crucial visibility through the peak and sides of the construction helmet. Additional protection for the wearer is provided by the UV protection and electrical resistance of this market-leading design whilst the soft foam sweatband and adjustable buckle harness ensure comfort and a secure fit.

This protective hard hat comes in the following, translucent, corporate colors: Smoke, Blue, Clear, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, and Pink.

The easily adjustable buckle harness and the 6-point textile harness ensure that this safety hat provides a secure fit for each wearer. Additionally, a soft foam sweatband ensures comfort for the wearer in demanding working hours and conditions.

Honeywell Cap-Style Hard Hat

Built for strength, toughness, and durability, Honeywell cap style hard hat for women offers exceptional impact and crack resistance and surpasses many performance tests.

The Honeywell P2A proprietary injection-molded fiberglass compound improves durability and is eight times stronger than common high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cap shells.

The Honeywell P2A has even better heat resistance than before, meeting ANSI-Z89.1-2009 impact resistance tests at extreme temperatures of up to 370°F (P2A) and up to 500°F (P2HN).

Injection-molded solid color resin provides a permanent, no-chip, no-peel finish, and is available in nine popular colors

The smooth, matte finish makes logo imprints crisper and cleaner, so your official company caps look better and last longer. It is available with the famous Fibre-Metal non-slip/non-strip headgear.

Ready to use with the industry’s most versatile Quick-Lock, Swing strap, or Speedy Loop helmet attachment system for face shields and welding helmets.

For added assurance of performance, all Honeywell caps are factory-assembled and SEI third-party certified to meet ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type I Class G (including Quick-Lok model) and CSA Z94.1-2005 Type I Class G or C (Class C for Quick-Lok model) in both forward and reverse.

ACERPAL Lady Luck Tattoo Design Safety Helmet

They say this hard hat is a classic symbol of good fortune and prosperity, Lady Luck is a tattoo design of a beautiful woman among a dice, money, and treasure.

It is a Pyramex ABS material hard hat. Strong, yet ultra-light for seemingly weightless protection, the large hard hat is designed for adults. Both male and female. The custom graphic design suits both men and women

The Low profile design offers a low center of gravity for better balance. The rear padded suspension provides an additional level of comfort on the wearers’ neck

The 4-position harness points allow you to move the harness forward, backward, up, or down – allowing for the most optimal position for ultimate comfort.

A replaceable sweatband padded with fabric and polyurethane foam for all-day wear with a vented pressure pad that keeps the straps in place providing an additional level of comfort.

It comes with an easy-to-grasp knob. It adjusts the suspension from 6 1/2 to 8. The swinging hinge points allow you to find the most comfortable position on the back of your head.

Cap style hard hats pass reverse orientation, high temperature (HT), and low temperature (LT). Replaceable ratchet suspensions are available.

Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat

The Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat for women is probably one of those safety helmets that are more popular with budget-conscious workers. This durable and cheap hard hat product from Pyramex Safety is definitely considered a budget hard hat.

It has admirable qualities. The same or at par with more expensive brands. Even large manufacturing industries prefer this safety hard hat because of its affordable price without sacrificing the safety of its workforce.

Moreover, the Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat is provided with a 4-point vented ratchet suspension which could be replaced when it is worn out.

This product carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. We are pretty sure you’ll be more than satisfied when you try one of these hard hats for women as it is not surprising it’s one of the leading brands in the market today.

Hard Hats For Women Buyers Guide

Suspension – The suspension is the harness inside the hard hat that keeps your head centered inside. It needs to leave a bit of space between your head and the shell of the hard hat because that will help protect your head from blunt force trauma.

The suspension of the hard hat needs to be made of durable materials, like nylon or polyester. In addition, it needs to be adjustable so it will fit properly on your head.

Materials used – Hard hats for women are usually made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) or polycarbonate plastic. These are great because they have high impact strength, do not conduct electricity, and are very lightweight, making them ideal materials for hard hats.

Other materials that can be used include aluminum but these kinds of hard hats for women are not really meant for general use. Still, if you will only be doing deliveries and short trips to worksites then this material will be fine.

Size and fit – The hard hat that you need to use must fit you perfectly. It must be just tight enough that it will not fall off when you bend over but not so tight that it will give you a headache.

In addition, the suspension of the hard hat that you get should be easily adjustable so you can adjust the fit whenever you need to.

Color – The color of the hard hat that you should get will depend on the color-coding system that your company uses on the construction site. Depending on the company, different colors of hard hats for women are for different kinds of workers.

For instance, bright yellow is for the general contractors, like masons, carpenters, and heavy equipment operators. White hard hats for women are for the foremen, engineers, architects, and VIP visitors to the job site.

Aside from the important factors already mentioned, it is also crucial to know what your job description is before you buy your own hard hat for women. Be careful during the selection so you can be sure that you will not waste your money on something that you can’t use.

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