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10 Best Logger Boots

If you work in the logging industry, you’re constantly faced with a barrage of workplace hazards.

Not only are you out in the wilderness dealing with the trials of Mother Nature, but you’re also dealing with potentially dangerous machinery.

Whether you’re scaling the tallest tree or navigating a dense forest by foot in search of the perfect tree to cut down, it’s important that you stay protected.

Your boots will keep your feet and toes safe from the dangers of your work environment while keeping you comfortable.

They’re an integral part of the uniform that can save you from a lot of aches and pains when you clock out. This feature reviews some of the best logger boots on the market today.

Why Logger Boots?

Slip and Oil Resistance

This is a commonly overlooked safety feature among loggers because many think that slip resistance is only something you have to worry about on smooth surfaces. However, it’s good to have a little extra traction even when you’re on location.

When it rains, the mud and vegetation will become very slippery. Furthermore, you’ll be around a lot of oil from your machinery and sap from the trees you’re cutting down. It’s best to get a pair of the best logger boots that have a sole built for gripping the earth.

Look out for unique designs on the outsole. Slip-resistance soles are specially designed to redirect water and improve contact with a solid surface regardless of where you’re standing. The higher the treads, the better your boots will be in inclement weather conditions.

Tall Heels

Why are logger boots high heels? That’s because having a taller heel can provide you with additional traction and protection on uneven terrains. Loggers often venture into unknown environments. You’ll be going over tough terrain that’s bumpy, sloped, and full of debris.

Usually, the heel is the first part of the foot that makes contact with the ground when you’re easing into unfamiliar territory.

Having a thicker heel will keep your foot protected if you step on something sharp. Furthermore, that extra height will give you more stability as you make your way through uneven grounds.

Waterproof Construction

As you make your way through the worksite, be prepared to step into some mud and water. Many logging sites are damp and riddled with puddles. If it’s just finished raining, the problem is even worse. To avoid that uncomfortable wet feeling in your socks, look out for a waterproof build. The uppers should be made from high-quality waterproof leather and have a high shaft that extends beyond the ankles.

The connection point between the uppers and the heel should also be sealed. Pay attention to the seams of the boots and make sure that everything is water-tight. Waterproof construction can save your feet from discomfort, bacterial growth, blisters, and much more.

Weather Protection

Because logging sites are different around the country, it’s a good idea to match your boots to your environment. If you’re working in a colder environment that frequently snows, go with the best logger boots that offer insulation.

Insulation will keep your feet warm throughout the day. Thinsulate is a great option that can keep you cozy without the added bulk that often comes with thicker alternatives. Remember to also get gloves that keep you warm.

If you work in the scorching sun, you’ll want to invest in something that’s breathable. Unique designs will help to promote airflow to keep your feet dry, wick away sweat, and keep the odors at bay.

Contrary to popular belief, the best logger boots can be breathable and waterproof at the same time. Special linings and membranes will keep your boot sealed without sacrificing ventilation. One such option is the Gortex lining.

Steel Shank

The shank refers to a thin piece of steel that’s embedded into the sole of your boots. It’s typically located just below the arch and helps to keep your feet supported through any type of terrain.

It’s sturdy enough to keep your arch up but springy enough to absorb some of that shock you may feel as you make your way through the terrain. Having a steel shank can help you prevent foot pain throughout the day and long after you get off.

Toe Protection

If a piece of stray timber falls on your toe, you’ll be thankful that you invested in a strong toe cap. Steel toe caps go over all of your toes to create an effective shield against fall damage.

They can provide varying levels of protection, but most are designed to keep you safe from objects that weigh at least 75 pounds. The cap can also keep you safe from the gear and tools you’re handling.


Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to pay attention to the comfort features your boots have. There are a number of high-quality safety features you can go with. The most important are cushioned foot-beds and shock-absorbing midsoles. It’s a good idea to go with something that’s anatomically molded to place your feet in the right position.

Your arch should be supported at all times to prevent serious injuries and pain. A cushioned footbed can also help to absorb the force of impact as you walk. While it may not seem like a huge difference at first, these features are designed to prevent long-term damage and pain after you’ve gone home for the day.

If you’re still asking yourself what kind of boots loggers wear and which of them are the best logger boots, keep reading to find the 10 best ones.

10 Best Logger Boots Review

Danner Quarry Work Boots

The oiled leather upper is designed to improve water resistance. It offers a more comfortable and shorter break-in period.

The waterproof system keeps the water out while still allowing circulation of air in your boot. This ensures that your feet are comfortable and dry all day long.

Another feature is the ultra-thin insulation, which ensures that your feet are warm when working in rough weather conditions. It also reduces the chances of snow or rain weighing you down. It’s made with industry-standard thus made true to size.

The deep toe box gives you sufficient room for your forefoot and toes while the lightweight board increases forefoot flexibility and heel rigidity.

The high-performance insulation guarantees that your feet stay warm even in severe conditions. These Danner logger boots provide you with superior traction and substantial edging.

Danner loggers are designed for use in rough outdoor conditions, which means that durability and safety is their top priority. It is ideal for loggers who want to look good even in their workplace.


  • They offer a comfortable walking experience even on tough terrains
  • The alloy toe protection provides unrivaled safety
  • They have Vibram outsoles, along with breathable and waterproof prowess


  • Poor temperature control feature
  • Some users experienced sizing issues

Timberland PRO Logger Work Boots

A great option from Timberland. These boots feature plenty of waterproofing features and protection from accidents. They have a durable mechanically bonded steel toe. It has the signature Titan shape to provide a better fit and great protection.

The uppers are made from leather and extend 8.5 inches from the arch. They’re also designed to be resistant to abrasive damage. The boots utilize a waterproof design, welt construction, and a membrane.

There’s also a mesh antimicrobial lining to keep your feet ventilated. The rubber sole has a 1-inch heel. There’s also great traction to make the boots slip-resistant and oil-resistant.

These boots are pretty damn comfortable and they are pretty damn rugged and they look good. They are a bit pricey but worth the money. Without a doubt the best logger boots you will find in that price range.

The sole and heel have a little extra material in them which adds a couple of inches so if you have a size disadvantage that’s always a plus. All in all, they are well-built, comfortable, and sturdy boots that have quickly become a favorite to many.


  • Comfortable and durable Has a great sole
  • Has a great sole


  • Pricey

Chippewa Steel Logger Boots

Are Chippewa boots good? This is a commonly asked question among loggers. The short answer is yes! Read on to find out why.

Chippewa Logger Boot combines a classic design with new materials to ensure comfort and protection for your feet.

The boot meets the standard protection and safety measures. Some of the features include waterproof leather, Goodyear welt construction, and a steel shank.

Chippewa logger boots are waterproof and include an additional liner to keep your feet dry and allow for better air circulation. The Goodyear welt construction and the outsole offer a firmer platform to work from. They also include Texon insoles to offer additional support and cushion.

They also feature Thinsulate Ultra which is breathable, lightweight, and moisture resistant making the Chippewa among the most comfortable logger boots.

Having your feet dry and safe while working is the foremost goal of the Chippewa logger boots. Thanks to a triple-ribbed steel shank and a full leather upper the Chippewa outdoor boots provide you with the maximum protection you need.

Designed to work on practically any surface, Chippewa logger boots offer good traction and stability even on wet surfaces. Easily one of the best logging boots you will find.

The use of antique brass hardware and heavy-duty wax laces increases its durability while keeping its performance even when the job seems difficult. These boots are ideal for most outdoor activities be it construction work or some other outdoor jobs.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Great sole


  • Pricey

Harley Davidson Tyson Logger Boots

The leather upper includes all the Harley-Davidson features you’ve come to expect: thanks to cording over the foot, padding at the collar and behind the shin, a side zipper, and HD’s signature logo at the ankle.

Add to that a thick rubber lug sole and you’ve got a durable and comfortable boot that you’ll be wearing for years.

We can go on and on about how the Harley Davidson logger boots are among the best logger boots. Matter of fact, it’s also a great boot for biking. We definitely recommend these boots if you like biking as well.


  • They are waterproof and breathable
  • They deliver both quality and performance
  • Can withstand even the roughest conditions
  • They are quite comfortable
  • Provide unparalleled traction even when working on ice


  • They are pricey
  • They may feel tight at first

Danner Logger Work Boots

Danner logger boots are made mainly for rough outdoor conditions. These durable and high-quality logger boots feature a shaft that measures 10.5″ from the arch, waterproof oiled nubuck leather upper, and 400G of Thinsulate Ultra insulation for comfort and warmth.

They are sewn with triple-threaded seams and have superior ankle support. They are constructed with a non-metallic, composite toe that meets ASTM standards.

The oiled leather upper is designed to improve water resistance in your boot. It offers a more comfortable and shorter break-in period.

The waterproof system keeps water out while still allowing circulation of air in your boot. This ensures that your feet are comfortable and dry all day long.

Definitely a contender for the best logger boot.


  • Comfortable walking experience even in tough terrains
  • Alloy toe protection provides unrivaled safety
  • They have Vibram outsoles, along with breathable and waterproof prowess


  • Lacking temperature control feature
  • Sizing issues

Georgia Safety Toe Logger Boots

The Georgia Safety Toe Logger Boot is more of a standard work boot. Nonetheless, it is designed for outdoor use on hard terrains making it ideal for the best logger boots. Its key features include a waterproof system, steel shank, full-grain leather, and a removable brush guard kiltie.

Although they take about one week to break in, as most buyers have stated, these boots are quite comfortable and stylish. Its rubber outsole efficiently absorbs shock consequently improving comfort. It’s also designed to reduce stress on your feet as you walk and allow for a smooth transition through every step.

These boots are designed with safety as an important feature. The outsoles will protect your feet against slips & hard falls.

The steel toes provide sufficient protection for your feet. They will also give you a good grip on the surface meaning that you can walk on a wet surface without the fear of losing your footing. They also provide sufficient traction even when moving heavy objects.

These boots are also highly durable and can resist wear & tear over a long time. It is designed for use in extreme conditions. You are sure that your boot will last long. One of the best logger boots which is ideal for loggers seeking boots with the highest level of comfort.


  • Shock-resistant outsole
  • Durable leather construction
  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% abrasion resistant


  • Not insulated

Wolverine Chesapeake Boots

The Chesapeake boot fuses Wolverine’s innovative technologies for the ultimate combination of comfort and performance.

Its carbon max toe-cap is lighter and thinner for a better fit. The motion max technology allows the boot to bend and flex at necessary points for maximum performance.

The overpass also features a waterproof and breathable membrane to ensure your feet stay dry in all work conditions.

The Shaft measures approx. 5″ from arch. It is a flexible, athletic Contour Welt construction that moves with you by bending and flexing at essential points

A removable Ortholite cushioned footbed guarantees all-day comfort. The unique feature in this boot and what makes it rank alongside some of the best logging boots is the premium waterproof leather with an abrasion-resistant toe.


  • They offer a comfortable walking experience even on tough terrains
  • The alloy toe protection provides unrivaled safety
  • They have Vibram outsoles, along with breathable and waterproof prowess


  • Poor temperature control feature
  • Some users experienced sizing issues

RockRooster Waterproof Logger Boots

These boots are made from a piece of comfortable fabric and utilize COOLMAX and PORON Technologies. The comfort system utilizes a combination of urethane and PORON Technology to protect the heel and ball of the feet.

The footbed is made with shock-absorbing dual-density PU that will cushion your feet with every step. This uniquely designed footbed will massage your feet as you walk and promote greater blood flow that will help in reducing fatigue.

The boots are also designed with COOLMAX Fibre Technology which makes the boots more breathable and works to wick away the moisture from your feet. This helps in keeping your feet cool and dry during a long workday.

Another great feature is the anti-puncture protection that keeps your feet protected from any accidental injury on the job.

The shoes are durable enough for heavy-duty construction work, landscaping, gardening, farming, and even outdoor hiking. These work boots can be worn casually on an everyday basis. This might answer some questions that some people have if logger boots are good for construction work. Yes! some are, and the RockRooster logger boots are one of them.

These boots are easy to clean and you can use a leather cleaner and cloth to wipe away the dirt. For further protection, you can seal the leather with a spray boot protector that is specifically designed for nubuck leather.


  • Durable construction
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to clean


  • Quite expensive

Skechers Cascades Logger Boots

These boots will keep you comfortable throughout the whole day. They have a 6-inch Direct Attach sole and a Steel Toe.

The Sketchers USA logger Boot has seam-sealed waterproof leather uppers. These along with an open-celled PU footbed and non-marking rubber sole keep your feet dry and comfortable.

This logger boot has a steel toe for protection against falling objects. The padded collar holds the foot in a comfortable grip. The blown thermal plastic midsole offers cushioning and flexibility while the mesh lining and open-celled PU footbed have anti-microbial properties that kill the bad odor.

The nylon diffusion plate offers support while the 200g of Thermolite insulation keeps the feet warm.

The dual-density dynamic anti-fatigue technology in key areas of the shoe absorbs and returns energy. This cuts out the fatigue at the end of the day. The rubber outsoles have large lugs that offer traction. It’s also non-marking and oil-resistant.

The structure of the boot is well insulated, waterproof, and tough with a steel toe. It meets and exceeds Steel Toe and Electrical Hazard Protection Standards by ANSI. It also meets the ANSI Z41 PT99 standards for protection from open circuits.


  • Affordable
  • They have excellent cushioning on the footbeds
  • No break-in period


  • They are only available in one color
  • Its leather is not of premium quality
  • Users find it too thick and heavy

AdTec Steel Toe Super Logger Boots

The AdTec Super Logger Steel Toe Boot might be a good bet if you are in need of a quality logger boot but are running on a tight budget. Contrary to what you would expect from a low-priced boot, the AdTec Logger Boot is of high quality and guarantees value for your money.

Working in the woods can be dangerous at times because you can slip and fall at any time, luckily, Adtec minimizes this risk with soles that don’t slide on oily surfaces.

Another cool feature is the speed-lacing hardware in this model due to its user-friendliness which allows you to put on your boot quickly without wasting time tying the laces.

Being an economical logger boot, the AdTec Logger Boot has an all-leather construction with no liner. The lack of a liner is handy for those who tend to sweat a lot.

AdTec boots are quite durable; the thick rubber sole and leather upper comes in handy when traversing the woods. They can last over a long time, and the smart design allows for an incredible grip on almost all surfaces.

They are recommended for slippery terrains. They are affordable, do not have a break-in period, and have excellent cushioning on the footbeds.


  • They are affordable
  • Do not have a break-in period
  • They have excellent cushioning on the footbeds


  • They are only available in one color
  • Its leather is not of premium quality
  • Users find it too thick and heavy

What to Look for When Buying the Best Logger Boots

Liquid Resistance

The best logger boots should be able to resist oil and other liquids. Loggers work in both wet and dry weather conditions hence needing a boot that is waterproof. Oil and chemicals from the machinery used can also enter the boot. Hence the best logger boots should be oil and chemical resistant as well.

Firm Foothold

Because a Logger works on many different grounds, sometimes in wet conditions and slippery areas, the best logger boots should have an outer sole that offers excellent grip and a solid foothold on any surface area.


A logger is always on his feet: standing, walking, and even climbing. The best logger boots need to offer maximum support and comfort.

The best logger boots should also keep your feet dry and cool in hot weather conditions and warm in colder weather conditions.


Choose the boots that are insulated, specifically if you are planning to work in cold conditions.

Airflow inside the boot is necessary to keep your feet healthy and to prevent foot fatigue.

Arch Support

Depending on your arch type (high/normal/low) you need to choose an appropriate boot, for more you can read about our excellent choice of work boots for flat feet.


A steel or composite toe offers protection against falling tools and materials which is one of the risks faced by loggers in their working environment.

Electrical hazards are also present therefore a boot with electrical hazard protection is a great advantage.


Loggers need a hard-working, tough, and durable boot that can withstand many elements, and still last for a long time.

A well-constructed boot made from high-quality materials is essential for every logger looking for the best logging boots.


Logging is considered one of the most hazardous activities in most parts of the world, which is why safety gear is very important.

Even seasoned veterans can tell you the importance of wearing safety gear when logging, which means choosing the best logger boots should be taken seriously and we hope this article will help you find the right pair of logger boots for yourself.

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