Best Security Guard Shoes

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8 Best Security Guard Shoes

Security guard work requires extended periods of being on your feet or strolling therefore foot injuries are a significant concern. The human foot is intended for locomotion, and extensive stretches of time spent standing aren’t just tiring, it can cause permanent harm.

Without legitimate footwear, the joints of the feet can become misadjusted in a condition called flat feet. This can cause aggravation that may later prompt joint pain or stiffness.

Feet and lower legs can be harmed from slipping, stumbling, or falling. Regardless of whether your foot itself isn’t harmed in a fall, inappropriate footwear could without much of a stretch be a reason for the fall.

Foot wounds can be acquired from punctures and gashes in the event that you step on a sharp item. Dropping something substantial on your foot can bring about squashed or broken bones. In this feature, we will review some of the best security guard shoes available.

Best Security Guard Shoes Review

Bates Men’s Waterproof Work Boot

Here we have one of Bates’ increasingly mainstream styles. Also, all things considered, this leather and nylon amalgamation gives some top-of-the-line insurance to your feet even under the hardest conditions.

Furthermore, these boots won’t suffer wear and tear, regardless of whether you step on sharp or hard objects.

The elastic sole is adaptable while the licensed Bates DRYGuard layer gives full waterproof innovation while remaining breathable. This enables your feet to remain cool and comfortable.

The side zip makes it simple to take off and put on. The lightweight elastic outsole isn’t just slip-safe but oil safe too while the removable insert is padded for added comfort. Another great choice for the best security guard shoes.


  • Lightweight and tactical build
  • Reliable traction
  • Removable inserts provide extra cushioning
  • Toe guard provides extra protection


  • Not ideal for people with wide legs

Rocky Alphaforce Waterproof Duty Boot

The classic, throwback design of these boots is something that you just can’t close your eyes to. From the huge, 10-inch shaft all the way to the toe cap, you can’t fail with a design that has been here since the fifties.

The Rocky Alphaforce duty boot looks like something a regiment of Riot Squad Police officers would put on to suppress a strike or riot. In addition to a steel toe cap to help protect your foot from heavy impact the shaft measures 10 inches from the arch. Definitely ready to go down and dirty anytime, anywhere.

We would like to note that the Rocky Alphaforce duty boots are not built to feel as great as your downy slippers. This is due to the rigid Goodyear Welt construction. However, any security guard is worth his or her salt, and any street-savvy knows to take comfort where you get it. These Rocky boots have adequate interior comfort technology that includes a round heel profile to help your feet fit in snugly.


  • Leather and Nylon tough construction
  • High ankle support
  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy side zipper access


  • Lacks safety toe
  • Not 100% waterproof

Bates Men’s Tactical Sport Side Zip Industrial Shoe

Here we have one of Bates’ increasingly well-known styles. This leather and nylon amalgamation gives some top-of-the-line assurance to your feet under even the hardest conditions. Also, these boots won’t destroy that effectively, regardless of whether you step on sharp or hard items.

The elastic sole is adaptable. The licensed Bates DRYGuard layer gives full waterproof innovation while as yet remaining breathable to enable your feet to remain cool and comfy. The side zip makes it simple to take off and put on.

The lightweight elastic outsole isn’t just slip-safe but also oil safe. The removable addition is padded so it is both advantageous and agreeable.

Definitely among the best security guard boots out there.


  • Lightweight and tactical build
  • Slip-proof
  • Flexible and durable
  • Removable inserts provide extra cushioning
  • Toe guard provides extra protection
  • Breathable


  • Runs a bit thin

Under Armour Stellar Military and Tactical Boot

Another great choice for the best security guard shoes is these Under Armour Stellar boots. Besides a smooth, dark and tough outside, you can see the brand’s logo printed right on the shaft and on the side. The name itself reveals to all of you have to think about these 900D nylon and leather uppers that are worked to act as your own capacity shield.

Once in a while, obligations will take you to incredible statures and different occasions, or really deep depths. That is the reason guards will be eager to take advantage of the waterproof abilities of these boots. In any case, on the off chance that you feel that that is the place the protection ends, you’re dead off-base.

Under Armor takes the well-being of the young men and women in the security guard line of work very seriously. That is the reason the Stellar tactical boots have plenty of well-being and protective highlights.

Among these incorporate the TPU Shank fused in the EVA padded sole for an additional assurance that all is well and good. Other notable highlights include a fast dry plan to keep water under control just as an Anti-Microbial Ortholite sock liner to forestall the development of smells and foot diseases.


  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Fairly cheap
  • Stylish


  • Available in one color

Timberland Pro Ankle Boots

The Timberland Pro ankle Boot is another great choice for the best security guard shoes, being that they are lightweight and comfortable. The upper is made using leather and nylon. The build is very strong. These boots are not safety boots per se, as they don’t contain a toe protector.

This may be an issue for those in an office with a high risk of injury, but for general gatekeeper obligations, these boots may be perfect, as they’re lightweight and strong. They are easy to wear for significant stretches of time, and ideal for long travel.

These boots run a size little, so consider that when requesting on the off chance that you go with the Grafters Stealth. Whatever the particular requirements for your security guard employment may be, sturdy and comfortable pair of security boots is a flat-out must.

Any of the boots surveyed in this article would keep you sheltered and secure while you carry out your responsibility of keeping others protected and secure.


  • Premium construction
  • Easy to wear
  • Lightweight


  • Lack of toe protector

Original S.W.A.T Side Zip Work Boots

This boot combines “air” innovation into its padding supportive network. This gives the degree of comfort one would anticipate from Original S.W.A.T. This unit of uniform boots is awe-inspiring for staff working in air terminals, security or otherwise since they are produced with non-metallic materials.

The nylon and leather construction make the shoe tough and water-safe. The obvious heel air cell offers sturdy footing and added comfort. The twofold sewed upper is assembled with a three-handle reinforced nylon string for additional sturdiness.

The specially shaped phylon EVA padded sole brings both lightweight solace and support. The non-metallic nylon shank conveys lightweight help as well as weakness control. A great choice for the best security guard shoes.


  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to wear
  • Crafted with materials that can pass through metal detectors of all kinds


  • Not ideal for standing for a long time
  • The zipper is prone to ripping

Skechers Wascana-Benen Military and Tactical Boot

These boots will keep you comfortable while you’re on your feet for a long time making them a favorite when it comes to the best security guard shoes. The Boot has a 6-inch Direct Attach sole and a Steel Toe. These boots have a consistent build that guarantees dry and satisfying feet.

The Sketchers Wascana tactical boot has crease fixed waterproof cowhide uppers. These alongside the open-celled PU footbed and non-stamping elastic bottom keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The boot has a steel toe for security against falling articles. The shoe upper is associated with the sole utilizing direct-infuse construction. The cushioned neckline holds the foot in an agreeable grasp.

The blown warm plastic padded sole offers padding and adaptability while the work covering and open-celled PU footbed have hostile to microbial properties that slaughter the awful smell.

The dual-density dynamic anti-fatigue technology in key territories of the shoe assimilates and brings vitality back. This removes the exhaustion by the end of the day. The elastic outsoles have enormous drags that offer a good footing. These boots are also non-stamping and oil-safe.

The structure of the shoe is very much protected, waterproof, and extreme and it has a steel toe. It meets and surpasses Steel Toe and Electrical Hazard Protection Standards by ANSI. It additionally meets the ANSI Z41 PT99 gauges for insurance from open circuits.


  • Extremely tough
  • Lightweight


  • Can be hard to put on due to the short laces and lack of pull-tabs

Maelstrom Tactical Combat Boots

Maelstrom Footwear is completely committed to making uniform footwear that isn’t just comfortable and dependable but also very affordable. They set up the best of development and better assistance then arrive at their objective to help every single formally dressed proficient in playing out their best at work.

The sizes commonly run consistent with normal standard sizing. The polish-able full-grain leather and nylon upper present an excellent look. The outer is breathable and dampness wicking. The strong elastic outsole is worked for an extreme hold on different landscapes. The YKK hardcore side zipper has a finish that makes it simple to take off and put on.

The pad embed is removable and shock absorbing for comfort throughout the day. The cushioned neckline and tongue ensure comfort and assurance. The semi-flexible heel and toe support help to hold the state of the boot.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean


  • Scratches easily
  • Laces break easily

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Security Guard Shoes

Here are some of the main factors to consider when shopping for the best security guard shoes


Weight is vital as it will determine how fast your feet will tire. It stands to logic that the lighter the weight of a security guard shoe, the longer you can wear the boot without your feet getting fatigued.


Ever tried punching a speed bag with your bare fist? Compare to punching it with a padded glove, you will know how important cushioning is to your feet.

The more padding you have in your boots, the less your feet will suffer as you move about.


The more flexible a boot is, the easier it is on your feet during motion. It’s like comparing the comfort of nice flexible sneakers with very rigid dress shoes. Without a doubt, there will be some tradeoffs here for safety and durability worries too.


One of the easiest ways to get an injury when running on the job is to have on a pair of boots that have room for your feet to move around in them too much.

This is why adequate support in the best security guard shoes you purchase is vital. Your feet will feel better if they have been properly supported in the right foot areas throughout the day.

We recommend looking for such things as molded midsoles, lacing, and other attributes that add to the support a pair of the best security guard shoes gives you.

Stay Dry Lining

Another factor when wearing a pair of the best security guard shoes is the type of lining they have. The best lining will not only wick moisture away from your foot but will allow the feet to breathe so they remain dry. The best materials for this are referred to as moisture-wicking materials.


The height of any security guard shoes you want to purchase is a key player in that boot’s comfort and support level. Lower height boots will allow more freedom of movement but offer less support.

The opposite applies to higher security guard boots; they tend to allow less freedom of movement but add more support to your ankle region. Your individual foot and job requirements should be the deciding factor in what height your security guard shoes should be.

Waterproofing/Water Resistance

It’s very tough to make a security guard shoe that is completely waterproof because these tend to take away from a boot’s performance and comfort. It is easier to construct a waterproof tactical boot because you can sacrifice some of the flexibility.

There are however some model police boots that are indeed waterproof. At the very least you want a pair of security guard boots that are highly water-resistant.


Get the best security guard boots that will suit your unique individual needs. We hope this article will help you decide and choose the best security guard shoes.

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