Best Construction Gloves

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With the best construction gloves, you want something that will deliver on hand protection and performance, and yet be barely noticeable.

But since your most valuable tools are your hands—and even minor injuries will cost you time and money—finding the perfect glove for the task at hand is usually number one on the list when choosing gloves for the construction industry.

And while nothing can be absolutely perfect, we believe aiming that high can’t hurt. And, it will save you a lot of hurt in the long run.

The best construction gloves are perfect choices for anyone who is looking for superior protection and performance. What is great about the construction glove material is that it suits various work applications and industries

General laborers in the construction industry deal with a huge range of issues. Cut, puncture, grip, abrasion, chemical, temperature extremes, and so on are all potential factors, so we selected the following styles to cover several issues at once.

Here Are the 8 Best Construction Gloves

Mechanix Wear M-Pact Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear M-Pact Gloves is a brand you will see all over construction works as they are one of the best construction gloves in the market. They are durable and made out of synthetic materials that don’t absorb water too much.

Another benefit to this type of gloves is that there are so many versions to fit your personal preference.

Safeguard yourself from the cold, blisters, and mishaps with the construction gloves by Mechanix Wear. The carbon-infused conductive material makes it easy to use any touchscreen device while the inner microfleece lining traps warm air to keep your hands warm. The Winter Work Gloves for Men by Mechanix Wear also give plenty of wind protection

These gloves are touch-capable. The carbon-infused conductive material for easy and efficient use of all touch-screen devices.

They also have a 230g inner micro-fleece lining that traps warm air to keep your hands warm for up to 40F+ conditions. This guarantees insulated protection.

Wind protection is covered with a wind-resistant outer softshell that prevents cold air from sneaking in.

It has gripping power that is ensured by the synthetic leather palm that provides durable gripping power with abrasive resistance. A secure fit is covered with a built-in velcro strap.

Ironclad General Utility Gloves GUG

This is the highest-selling work glove in the iron-clad series. It is essentially a high-performance task-specific work glove.

It is machine washable. Cool air drying is recommended in order to keep the size consistent with its original form at the time of purchase.

It observes excellent hand safety with a thermoplastic rubber knuckle protector that provides abrasion and impact protection across the knuckles. All this while coming with a secure fit with an adjustable hook and loop closure system that provides a secure custom fit for ideal performance.

Terry cloth sweat wipes conveniently located on the back of the thumb allow you to stay focused on the job at hand with one wipe of the brow. Talk about sweat management.

These safety gloves are also designed with an engineered fit. All Ironclad gloves are designed with their industry-leading flawless fit system that defines up to 16 application-driven measurements to provide best-in-class fit. A great choice for the best construction gloves.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

CLC handyman gloves deliver an unmatched blend of style, function, and quality.

They’re form-fitted for added dexterity and reduced fatigue, helping you finish the job with ease. Quality materials and time-tested construction methods are used to make this dynamically styled glove.

The Syntrex synthetic palm material provides increased abrasion resistance to provide durability and long life.

The stretch-Fit thumb feature and spandex back combine for a comfortable fitting glove with increased flexibility and luxury. With stretchable spandex and Lycra side panels for improved dexterity, these work safety gloves will enable you to do the job without any restraint.

These construction gloves are made with synthetic leather, providing toughness, and helping resist shrinking or hardening. Excellent for outdoor jobs where gloves may become wet.

Cold weather insulation is addressed to keep your hand and fingers warm while working in winter conditions in these work safety gloves by CLC. Wing closing straps prevent the gloves from slipping off when they become wet from weather or sweat.

Dewalt All-Purpose Synthetic Leather Palm Work Gloves

Dewalt all-purpose work glove provides the fit and comfort of Dewalt hand tools gloves and will protect your hands and improve productivity as you work. These gloves are engineered for comfort, durability, and safety.

These performance and string knit gloves are designed to work as hard as you do. They can be used in warehouses, cold storage, and for material handling.

DeWalt construction gloves are machine washable and abrasion-resistant. They feature a reinforced padded palm to provide superior toughness and comfort, a terry cloth backhand for wiping sweat away from your brow, and breathable neoprene between fingers for improved flexibility.

They have Pre-Curved Design for the perfect fit. These general work gloves are both Water and Oil Resistant and have padded palms for increased protection and comfort.

Stretch Nylon Gusset prevents debris penetration and Durable ToughThread Double Stitching extends the life of the glove.

Intra-FIT Construction Gloves Work Gloves

One of the best construction gloves. The Intra-FIT Impressive Extrication Gloves. The pair has a surprising ability to protect against various kinds of danger at the workplace.

The design highlights all the parts that this piece focuses on protecting. The added paddings on its palm, fingers, and back make the piece look incredibly firm and strong. The pair can serve as a good shield for all parts of our hands.

It enables users to move their hands flexibly and comfortably. It has amazing sensitivity.

If there are lots of sharp and hard objects to handle in your hazardous working environment, this piece can be very helpful. It is made to resist cut, abrasion, and puncture very well.

Another wonderful thing you should know about this product is its comfortability. The pair offers fantastic comfort for anyone who wears it to work. The main reason behind this amazing feature is the elastic fabric used to produce it.

Do not worry if you have to work outside in changing weather conditions. This piece of protective tool can function well underwater and on oily or wet surfaces. Even on a rainy day, this one can always make your work go smoothly and conveniently.

Although it can be tricky to choose the right size for yourself. This piece is a little smaller than the usual sizing chart of other gloves on the market.

Youngstown General Utility Gloves Lined with KEVLAR Gloves

These are All-Purpose and Abrasion-Resistant gloves. This is the ideal performance work glove. Heavy-duty non-slip reinforcement on the palm, fingers, and thumb ensures lasting durability and grip. The ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue while enhancing wrist support.

Youngstown General Utility work Gloves are lined with DuPont Kevlar fiber and specifically designed for Construction work, Machinery Operation, and more. Youngstown General Utility Gloves are made with a durable non-slip reinforcement on the palm, fingers, and thumb for a reliable, secure grip.

Terry-cloth brow wipe on the thumb is responsible for wiping away sweat or debris. Neoprene cuff adds support and secures fit.

Youngstown’s Gloves are a perfect combination of quality, durability, and value. Each ergonomic glove design is form-fit to the hand for superior comfort and dexterity. These gloves cover a wide variety of applications and working conditions.

Carhartt Men’s Insulated Suede Work Gloves

Carhartt makes gloves for all sorts of jobs and environments in the construction environment. A favorite choice when it comes to the best construction gloves. Whether you need leather, suede, knit or insulated work gloves, Carhartt’s got them.

When the job gets tough, you need gloves that can stand up to the hard work. That’s why they are designed with a worker’s hands in mind. Whether you need an all-purpose, waterproof glove for wet-weather work or a glove that wicks moisture.

These are All-Purpose and Abrasion-Resistant gloves. This is the ideal performance work glove. Heavy-duty non-slip reinforcement on the palm, fingers, and thumb ensures lasting durability and grip. The ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue while enhancing wrist support.

Both its waterproof and insulation features actually help in keeping your hands and fingers dry and warm. I am so satisfied with the 100% polyester material used in its shell. It is because it is a durable fabric, which gives you some sort of assurance that it is long-lasting.

Aside from completely protecting you from water, it also works effectively in making you feel comfortable with the help of its inner lining, which can wick away sweat and moisture. It is comfortable to wear even for prolonged periods.

Dewalt Thermal Insulated Grip Gloves

The DeWalt thermal insulated gloves are a truly dependable investment. Ideal for really extreme conditions. It is extremely effective in handling the cold. It boasts of 100-gram insulation as well as makes use of the d-fend technology.

This refers to a 4-layer waterproof and windproof barrier, which is effective in keeping the users’ hands dry and warm when exposed to extreme cold.

This barrier is breathable and lets your hand breathe. This gives you the comfort you need while at work.

Furthermore, it is meant to strengthen and improve your performance. It has the ability to handle or deal with numerous applications – some of which include material handling, utility work, and outdoor jobs.

Combining both polyester and nylon in its overall construction also makes this work glove totally long-lasting and impressive.

It offers additional protection because of its neoprene knuckle covered with nylon material.

The gauntlet cuff is a big help in making its protective coverage as extended as possible.

It is oil and water-resistant plus it has an improved grip, making users feel truly comfortable.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Construction Gloves


Your comfort should also be prioritized if you want to figure out which pair is the most suitable one for you. Find out what kind of best construction gloves offers the highest level of comfort for you based on your personal preference or opinion. Avoid choosing one, which is uncomfortable as this might only be put to waste.

It is because you might not be able to wear it. To determine whether the work gloves you bought over the highest level of comfort, check their liner materials, specifically the ones used in the interiors.

Check reviews of the product, as well, to determine how others rated the gloves based on comfort. Aside from being comfortable enough, it should also be able to work for the specific conditions and environments where you are planning to use it.


In terms of comfort, the fit of your chosen waterproof breathable gloves plays a major role. This is the main reason why you also need to shop around based on which one fits you well. Ensure that the fit is correct. It should not be too small or too large as this might only negatively affect its function and performance.

The best construction gloves that are too small might cut proper blood circulation while preventing them from becoming as flexible as you want. Extremely large ones might also cause chafing. They might also cause your hands to feel clumsier than usual.

Just make sure that you remember that fit is sometimes a matter of preference. A word of advice, therefore, is to try a pair beforehand and find out whether it fits you properly or correctly. This should fit you correctly so you will not feel any slight discomfort when wearing it.


The actual price of the best construction gloves should have a say in your buying decision. While you should not completely base your decision on the price, it should still affect it. What you have to do is to determine how much you are willing to spend on the gloves.

This means setting a budget should be on top of your priorities. Once you know your budget, commit to sticking to it regardless of what happens. Start shopping around and narrowing your choices based on your budget.

Also, it is necessary to check whether a particular pair of the best construction gloves that fits your budget already has all the features you need. Review the specific features you need so you can figure out right away if the price is indeed right for a product that has all these.


Check the insulation of the construction gloves, too. In this case, you have to figure out first your intended function for wearing the gloves. Also, consider the specific climate and weather conditions you will constantly be dealing with.

In case you have to expose yourself to the extreme cold outdoors, then warmth should be more prioritized than dexterity. However, even if you feel like you will be exposed to the cold weather but you find it tolerable, it would be best to choose a pair, which has the right balance of dexterity and warmth.

If apart from doing your job you are also planning to wear the best construction gloves for your favorite outdoor sports requiring plenty of hand movements then you might need to choose gloves with the right amount of dexterity. By figuring out all these things, you can better decide on the level and kind of insulation you specifically need.

Ability to Wick Moisture

It is also advisable to find a pair of the best construction gloves with a great ability to wick away moisture. This is especially helpful if you plan to work in dry climates.

If you feel like what you need is a pair of gloves with a water-wicking capability then you might want to use a proper wicking glove liner.

You have some options for this. The first one is a glove liner constructed from polypropylene material. It is an excellent choice if you want to wick away sweat, water, and any other forms of moisture. One problem, though, is that it is incapable of offering additional warmth to users.

You might also want to pick Thinsulate’s best construction gloves. These gloves come with glove liners that are constructed from Thinsulate materials.

What is good about the Thinsulate lining is that it is capable of giving you a reasonable amount of warmth even during wet conditions.

The best one should have a thickness of around 40 to 100 grams. The problem is it is incapable of removing its wetness. This means that once it gets wet, you can already expect it to be wet for the whole day.

Another great material for the moisture-wicking lining is the Thermolite. What is good about this material is that it is capable of drying up to twenty percent quicker compared to insulating fibers. One advantage of this lining material is that it also has the ability to trap heat.


This refers to the ability of the gloves to repel water. Of course, you need to check this specific feature as this shows how waterproof or water-repellant the glove is. This is a vital feature, especially if you constantly work in the snow, sleet, rain, or wind.

If possible, look for the best construction gloves with a good water-repellent liner. With this feature, you can retain the dryness in your hands.

This is a nice feature, especially if your job requires you to get exposed to wintry and wet conditions. Just remember that a waterproof lining might also cause your sweat to get trapped inside.

If that is the case, then you might want to ensure that you have checked the previous factor mentioned, which is the ability to wick moisture. Choose a water-repellent glove, which can also wick moisture so your sweat will not build up inside.


Spend some time checking and examining the materials used in creating the gloves, too. If possible, research all the specifications and qualities of certain materials so you can decide which one is right for you.

The most appropriate material for waterproof construction gloves is actually leather (See leather work gloves).

What is good about leather is that aside from giving you warmth, it is also capable of lasting for several years. Some construction gloves are also constructed from synthetic materials and nylon.

In most cases, these gloves are ideal for sports. You can also go for knitted gloves although you can’t expect these to give you maximum warmth.


It is also advisable to decide based on the flexibility of the gloves. This factor can actually be assessed by determining whether your chosen best construction gloves allow you to move your fingers with comfort and ease. If it allows you to move your fingers then rest assured that it is flexible.

However, if it is not then you can’t expect it to be flexible. You need a flexible pair of gloves, especially if you are planning to use this for sports, outdoor activities, or your job. It should not limit your hand movements while remaining highly durable.

Your Thoughts on the Best Construction Gloves

If you are working as a construction worker, you need to own a proper pair of gloves to perform your daily tasks safely. Remember to consider all of the important factors to choosing the glove that suits you best. 

Do not forget to wear your piece whenever you work. You should also try to take good care of it so that the piece can be in good condition to keep you safe always.

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